Our Story

The Leisure Games were born on the idea of bettering community through leisure and sharing the strength of community through eating, drinking, dancing, and underhand tossing. By relaxing and taking time to slow down, the Leisure Games hope to create an opportunity for family and friends to hang out in a setting that is both entertaining and constructive. It all began as a one day competition to find out who was the "leisurist" of them all. Through a lot of fun and a little competition, we invited everyone 21 and over to the Leisure Games Competition on at the Leavenworth Festhalle to experience a unique part of town. After the competition, players and event goers partied in the leisure lounge and listen to an amazing concert while they leisurely danced the night away.

Well, it turns out, this competition was just too much fun for people. They wanted more -- they wanted to rent games for their weddings, barbecues, reunions and more -- so that's just what we gave them. Not only are we keeping the competition alive and thriving from year to year, but we've created beautiful sets of our games for you to rent, any time you want.