Disc Toss Setup, Rules & Scoring


1) A disc court shall be a level rectangular area 10 ft wide and a minimum of 40 ft long. The court should 
consist of two targets (15 feet apart from front to front), designated tosser boxes, and foul line.

*the foul line will be parallel to the Front of the disc target

2) The tossers box is the area directly next to the target. Each contestant must remain in the tossers box while tossing the disc.

Playing the Game:

1) Disc Toss can be played as doubles or singles. In doubles play two contestants are partners against another team of two contestants; in singles play a contestant competes against another contestant. In doubles play, one member of each team tosses from one target and the other member tosses from the other target. In singles play, both contestants toss from the same target.

2) In doubles play, the first side of contestants alternate tossing discs until they have both tossed, then the remaining contestants continue to alternate in the same manner until all discs are delivered. Once everyone has tossed, it is considered the end of a round.

3) The contestant who scored the most shall toss first in the next round. If neither tosser scores, the contestant who tossed second (the previous round) shall toss first in the next round.

4) A foul disc is one which was delivered in non-compliance with one of the rules of the game and will result in no points.

*discs which bounce into the target are NOT to be counted


1) A disc that is thrown into the target is worth 1 POINT.

2) If all three discs land legally inside the target, a BONUS POINT is to be awarded.

3) The game shall be played until the first team (or individual if it’s a singles match) of contestants reaches (or exceeds) 15 points at the completion of a round. The winning team/individual does not need to win by two or more points.

4) The game can never end in the middle of a round. Thus, if a team that tosses first reaches or exceeds 15 
points, the game can not end until the other side is allowed to toss their discs and the round is completed.

5) If the game is tied at 15 at the end of a round, play continues until one team or the other achieves a higher score at the end of a round.

6) Disc Toss is played with cancellation scoring. In cancellation scoring, discs tossed by opponents during an inning or half of an inning in doubles play cancel each other out. Only non-cancelled discs are counted in the score for the inning.

EXAMPLE: If you get 1 in the target, you have 1 point. But if, in the same turn, your opponent throws all 3 discs in the target, they've scored 4 points. The score for that round would be; Them = 3; You = 0.